Ron P. Swegman

Uncle Bob and the Wheel

1967 Angler Author
Small Fry: The Lure of the Little

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Philadelphia on the Fly

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Optional author’s note: The BOB and the WHEEL are poetic terms, parts of an alliterative verse form made famous by Sir Gawain And The Green Knight. The bob is a two-syllable word or phrase followed by the wheel, a four-line stanza in trimeter where the second and fourth lines rhyme with the bob.

He spins
Whenever he fishes.
We appear to be twins
When we are on the stream
In search of those with fins.

The trout
Is our favorite quarry,
Of this there is no doubt.
The brook, brown, and rainbow
Is what our sport’s about.

The brook
Is the most colorful.
The natives take the hook
Best in cold headwaters
Where springs give birth a brook.

The brown,
The smart Salmo trutta
That is of world renown,
Sips flies from the surface
Best when the sun goes down.

Are another matter.
One never really knows
What time or bait is best,
But when one strikes, one knows!

One day
My uncle caught all three
In his own humble way:
“With worms,” he said. The trick:
“The magic month of May.”

The stream
Was small and had no name
But his own, it would seem.
The trout swarmed to his bait
Just like a rugby team.

“Yes, May
Is the month for fishing,”
He said, and to this day,
Whenever I cast flies,
He spins his yarns his way.

copyright 2008 by ron P. swegman. all rights reserved.